Organizational Services


Workshop – Develop awareness of your indiviudal, unique needs. Identify your Basic Survival Skills (BSS). This is a one-day workshop designed to help each person find the ways they can best control their time and information in order to more effectively realize their personal goals.

Individual Consultations – The Basic Survival Skills Intensive was developed for people who want onsite individualized mentoring, at their work or personal space. The BSS Intensive includes a 90 minute assessment interview, two contiguous days for intensive work on mastering the Basic Survival Skills, and two one-hour, follow-up phone sessions.

Leadership Focus + Vision – Advanced level work for executives or management teams. All participants must have integrated Basic Survival Skills into their daily routine.

Aikido Engineering  |  Personal + Work Space Assessments – Creating positive prioritizing habits is essential. Creating business and personal space that help rather than hinder this important work is at least half the battle. Creating an environment of harmony is essential for creating the inner peace that comes from effectively managing information and time. Anyone who maintains a home office will find that this assessment process will revolutionize the way they work. Includes a four-hour site visit, a written organization plan and a two-hour follow up meeting.